Navigating the World: Your Ultimate GPS Guide


There was a time when we used to go somewhere, we used to leave with the complete address so that there would be no problem in finding our destination. If any problem had arisen, he would have been our guide. The brother of the crossroads shop, the rickshaw driver, the cart seller, or the paan seller. As soon as we reached the right location by asking, then someone used to come to receive it on behalf of the people we were going to, so that we enter the right street and the right house, and nowadays we and you take out mobiles.

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We search on Google and click on the arrow with direct directions and Google Maps shows us our way. Simply put, Google Maps at an unknown place is like a blind man’s stick for people like us. Christopher Columbus happens to be today. Hardly anyone would have been happier than him. If you go for running or cycling, then the distance you cover is also known to you from the GPS itself. The technology on which your Google Maps runs is called GPS ie Global Positioning System. This technology has made our life so easy that even the smallest address, shop, hotel, dhaba, and garage are available on the map.

Ever since the future of sharing our live location has come on WhatsApp since then we call people on the registered address as well and also go away. So today this documentary of infinity speed.TV will take you. A knowledge bulk info daughter and high pair of GPS.

Let’s go. GPS, whose full form is Global Positioning System. It is actually a military adventure. Its name was Let’s Talk and its satellite test was launched in 1978. But not all Star satellites were made to be sent into orbit. GPS became fully functional in the USA in 1995. But till the year 2000, the highest-quality signals were only for military purposes. After that, it was started as a free service for the common people.

The GPS technology that is available in the USA today is managed by the US Air Force. Nowadays the receivers are connected with GPS as well as Russia’s GLONASS satellite so that the correct location information can be sent to any corner of the world. The special thing about GPS is that it does not require an internet connection or phone signals to work. But this tremendous efficiency increases with internet connection and signals. GPS is now being used almost everywhere. Nowadays even GPS-enabled shoes have come, which are designed for Alzheimer’s patients, which makes it easy to find them.

Let us now know about how this technology works. There are three basic parts to the working of a GPS. No god-safe lights, no two ground stations, and no battery receiver. If we talk about satellites, just as our ancestors used to estimate their direction and place by looking at the stars in the sky, today’s modern satellites do the same thing. It is necessary to be at the right time and the right place for them to work.

Now the ground stations find out from their radar where the satellite is. This is where it should actually be. Now if there is a map in your car, mobile, or any other device, then its receiver finds out how far it is from the satellite. When the receiver comes to know how far it is from such four satellites, then that is your location and it is so accurate that how many kilometers or far away you are, its information also starts appearing on your receiving device or mobile.

There are 32 satellites in the GPS system of the USA, which are moving in the orbit of the earth. Of these, 24 are court satellites and the remaining eight are for replacement. If there is any problem in any of these 24 satellites, then these eight satellites are for emergency response, to work non-stop round the clock. Monitoring, maintenance, and repair work is also to be seen.

After doing so much, they are able to give their service only for about 10 years. They are made in such a way that they can work in all weather conditions. But the most important point among all these is your mobile or receiving device. Stay connected with up to four satellites at the same time. Only then do you get your accurate location because GPS works on a trial traction mechanism? It sounds quite technical and complicated, but let’s understand it in simple language. Let’s understand it in simple language from the two deep trial tracing methods on the map. The two deep trial tracing method shows the Latitude and Longitude of the mapped satellite. Suppose you are in Delhi and have gone for a long walk or are running continuously. After many days of running, you took your first stop. You know you are in your own country, but without GPS you have no idea where you are. Now you meet someone on the way and you ask them where are you. He referred to you as Jacqueline. But gave you some clues that you are somewhere around Jaipur, 200 km away from Delhi. Couldn’t find the answer you are looking for now. On asking the next person for clarification, you came to know that you are 300 km from Dehradun. Now if you see your location by making two circles on a paper, then you will know that both the circles are crossing each other and you are somewhere there. Finally, you sought help from a third person. Now you have the answer that you are near any border of Delhi and Rajasthan.

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