NanoWonders: Exploring the Marvels and Applications of Nanotechnology


Today is the time. Time of technology means every hour, every moment something or the other is changing. New technology is coming. Hello friends, welcome to all of you and it is our full responsibility on UK UPDATED to inform you about each such technology so that you stay updated with everything.

So today we will talk about nanotechnology. Now you know very well about the Nano car. The specialty of this car was its small size. So nanotechnology is just like this in which very small particles are used and this technology is so effective that it will be used everywhere in the future.

Nanoscience can also be used for science like chemistry, biology, physics, material science, and engineering. In such a situation, you should also know all the special things related to nanotechnology. That’s why today’s expert has brought you all the special things related to nanotechnology in this Article.

So let’s start and first of all know what is nanotechnology. Nano is a Greek word that means micro or small. And related to nanotechnology, nano is a substance that is very It is made up of elements of small size. In this way, nanotechnology is a technology or applied science that works on particles smaller than 100 nanometers. In nanotechnology, the study is done to control matter on the nuclear, atomic, and supermolecular scales.

Now let us know what nanotechnology can do. Today, even though more and more emphasis is being laid on the use of nanotechnology, nanoscience, and nanotechnology is not a new term, because chemists have already made polymers for a long time and it has been used in computer chips for the last 20 years. Although nanotechnology works on small-sized particles, the power is very high because with the help of this technology energy consumption efficiency can be increased, the environment can be kept clean and many serious health problems can be overcome. The special feature of this technology is that the products made from it will be small in size, light in weight, and comparatively cheap.

Apart from this, less raw material will be required to make these products and their energy requirement will also be less. With the help of this nanotechnology, There will be a rapid boom in the fields of bioscience, medical science, and electronics. So talk about where the idea of nanotechnology came from, then The idea of nanotechnology came from the lecture of physicist Richard Feynman when he said in a meeting that the plant room at the bottom and 29 December 1959 is, the Twenty Ninth Chamber Night Shift design was told at an American Physical Society meeting at the California Institute of Technology. This thing also became the basis of nanotechnology and became Professor Noduse only after a decade. Capital used the term nanotechnology in his life i.e. when the electron microscope was invented in 1981, nanotechnology research has been going on since then and today nanotechnology is being used.

Rapid efforts are being made to bring in. Now the question is that means very small, but how to understand nano size? There are one million four hundred thousand nanometers. A sheet of newspaper is approximately one nanometer and if a marble is of one nanometer on a comparison scale, then a meter on that scale would be the size of the Earth. After knowing this, you must have got an idea that nanometers are very small particles, right? So let’s go ahead now and know how nanotechnology can be taken advantage of and it is very important. To know. With the help of nanotechnology, many such micro medicines can be made, which can identify and treat cancer cells separately from the countless cells present in the body. With the help of this technology, molecular assembling of any material can be easily understood and its size can be compared to our Can be made as small as a hair. Apart from this, its processing capacity can also be made much better.

Fertilizers can be made by using nanotechnology and by doing this crop production can be increased rapidly. With the help of nanotechnology, toxic fumes coming out of industrial areas and vehicles can be converted into fertilizer-free gas. By doing this, air pollution can be reduced. This can be done and not only this, in the future, nanotechnology will also be used in bulbs, which will If the consumption of electricity is less and the light is more, then we can also say that the coming time will be the time of nanotechnology. When nanotechnology will be used in every phase and there will be better changes in every field.

After knowing the special things related to nanotechnology, it will also be better to know how a career can be made in this technology. Nano Science and Technology, Medical Science, Environmental Science, From many amazing fields like Electronics, Cosmetics, Security, Fabrics, Medical, Agriculture, Defense, Education and Research, where you can make a career. Now in such a situation, if you take a course related to this field, then you will get good career options. Can You can do these courses in Nanotechnology BE Nanotechnology, BTech Nanotechnology, MTech Nanotechnology, and MSc Nanotechnology?

If you want to graduate in any of the graduation programs of Nanotechnology, then you must have passed ten plus two classes with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths subjects. For this, you have to clear the entrance exam, and also to do an MSc in Nanotechnology, you must have a BSc degree in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths subjects. If you want to do an M.Tech in Nanotechnology, then for your Biotechnology, Electronics, and Computer Science, It is necessary to complete B.Tech in any one of the subjects of Material Science, Mechanical, Biomedical, Chemical.

After the graduation course, you can also do a Ph.D. in Nanotechnology and at the same time talk about the available institutions providing degree courses related to nanotechnology. Delhi University Delhi, Pune University Pune, IIT Roorkee, Mumbai, Guwahati and Kanpur, Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research Bangalore, Amity University Gurgaon, University of Technology Jaipur and BITS Hyderabad. So friends what is nanotechnology and in what way this technology can make our lives comfortable and advanced?

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