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Hii, i am Arun Kaushik . I taking a B.Tech Degree from LPU University with a specialization in Computer Science. I am the Admin and Owner Of UK UPDTED. My role on UK UPDATED is Content Management and Website Management. and I am also a Content Creator on UK UPDATED. i am writing content and Review of Technical Product on UK UPDATED. if you want to contact me then you can mail me. my mail is . you can also get in touch via Facebook Arun Kaushik and Twitter @arunkaushi90352.

What is Intraday Trading

There was a time when only the names of big financial institutions, brokerages, and trading houses were heard among those actively trading in the stock market. But today, as online trading and discount brokerage have grown, the common man has also reached to trade actively in the stock market, which is really beneficial and intraday…

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